Slice of Life

So why the Blog?

There’s been much heated debate about the blog before you. By “much,” there was, like, maybe two volleys back and forth. By “heated,” there was definitely some name-calling involved. And by “debate,” I do me just between me and myself and it took place in our collective head. So, yeah, some pretty intense stuff.

I’ve already admitted to being a nobody (re: the “About” page, or you can just look at my face and reflect on the fact you’ve never seen it before and will completely forget it within a fortnight), and I’m not particularly good at any one thing. So really, what gives? The purpose of this blog is purely selfish. I have the need to document, to create, to invent, to commune. A blog is the simplest way to do all those things and keep tabs on my various social medias. I’m looking to expand creatively while keeping tabs on my progress, and who knows, maybe it’ll all culminate into something some day.

The final straw was a friend of mine who tipped the scale and convinced me that I have experiences worth sharing. The goal isn’t to be some uber-pop “Instagram Influencer” or a traveling bloggsman, or to make money. It’s a sounding board and I genuinely don’t have expectations at this time. So. If you’re looking for a particularly poignant story with a whole lot of self-loathing, look no further! Jk, my life would actually have to be interesting if that were the case. The reality of my situation is that the motivation of childhood is grinding into a weird tug of war – we’re making progress I think, but ultimately the effort feels futile.

All that being said, I plan on being raw. I’ve kept a diary for just about half my lifetime, but this is the first time I’ll be sharing my unabridged thoughts publicly (Even my reddit isn’t gonna be as spicy as I plan this thing to be. I’m afraid of the down-doots). I cannot prepare any of us for whatever unfolds, but I can promise to mark the NSFW things “NSWF.” I’m a lister, so I’ll more than likely come up with some ground rules like the Bridget-Jones-wanna-be that I am.

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