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HTGSD Chapter One

Falconer, Erin. How to Get Sh*t Done. New York, NY: Gallery Books, 2018. 29-33.

If money were no object, how would you spend your time? In point form, describe an ideal day.

  • Breakfast at French-style restaurant with friends. Mimosas like the place in Michigan with Julie.
  • Reading over coffee in the morning air, perfect weather: very crisp, a little overcast
  • Exploring a new place (museum, local attraction, PokemonGo)
  • Lunch (something light) in the park or outside café, it’s still not hot out, no bugs, just good food
  • Constructive work of some kind: writing, crafting, actual work (if everything is smooth), maybe PokemonGo
  • Window shopping / online browsing / reddit / comic book shop / game shop
  • Dinner at home with family (American style food)
  • Movie after dinner, dissect movie afterwards
  • Games with friends (bar trivia?): drinks, laughs, card/dice/board games
  • Hot shower, smelling fresh, soft skin
  • Sleep in comfortable, firm, clean bed without loud noises

What makes you feel proud?

  • My father’s service and retirement. Being a military family maes me proud, knowing it sets us apart and how others assume positive intent.
  • My brother succeeding in life with his son, job, fiancée, and knowing he’s happy, healthy, and has left all the bad crap (people) behind makes me proud.
  • My mother’s generosity and zest for adventure makes me proud. Being her “travel buddy” is a tremendous honor as well as being her friend.
  • Finishing novels / audiobooks / films / magazines as they’re an accomplishment but also help me understand jokes and references and can connect with others.
  • Having a green (safe) shift at work in which all the numbers add up to success.
  • Remembering details about someone and/or having others confide in me because they know I’m not going to judge them and they feel that I can be trusted.
  • Completing a crafting project
  • My comfortable apartment that’s decorated to reflect my style and tastes; also finding those missing items that enhance the collection/style
  • Helping others and being a “good friend.”
  • Making a tasty meal and sharing it
  • Getting there on time, always
  • Traveling and experiencing the world
  • My sense of humor and ability to look foolish and take a joke
  • My ability to talk with all kinds of people easily
  • My positive, Southern manners
  • Being from the South
  • Working for *** – It’s a great company with wonderful ideas and resources. The PR is unmatched in my mind (even if the day to day politics is shitty). My 2 & 1/2 year tenure.
  • My independence: bills, car, job, single
  • Clearing rock walls and jumping off them
  • Trying new things / learning / traveling
  • Paying my bills on time / early

What makes you want to go back to bed?

  • Loneliness
  • Bad day at work and not having hope for the future
  • Nothing to look forward to

What makes you feel jealous?

  • My definition of jealousy is people having things I want that I can’t just magically have
  • Beautiful women: ideal bodies / hair / makeup and when guy fixate on that
  • Traveling abroad: the whole instagram rat-race

Mat motivates you? (Money? Recognition?)

  • A good story: books or real life (curiosity), even shitty experiences can be fun to tell later
  • The next trip: having something to plan and look forward to
  • Other successful people at work: if they can do it, so can I
  • Checking the days off, getting to the weekend
  • My sense of wonder: always learning, always curious. There are very few subjects I’m not interested in or things I’m unwilling to try.
  • Team / peer’s praise.
  • Making my family proud

What makes you want to quit?

  • Overwhelming demands without checking my bandwidth
  • No support when need it
  • Getting railed (pretty consistently) publicly
  • Disinterest or not seeing the progress / impact of my efforts

Do you crave solitude or company at the end of the day?

Ideally, just the company of a single partner.

What makes you feel envious?

  • My definition of envious is people having things that I think I deserve, or things I can eventually have some day, if I work for it/take the risk to obtain it.
  • People getting promotions before me when I feel I’ve worked so much harder than others realize
  • People who don’t have to worry about money or bills
  • Animators and people following their chosen career paths

What makes you feel awesome?

  • People laughing at my jokes or listening to my stories, especially when they add in on the fun
  • Wall climbing
  • Being a good leader at work and fixing problems (when my team tells me I’m awesome)

How did your family life shape you?

  • Hard to communicate / understand emotions
  • If I want to do it, I have to initiate it
  • Family supports family, period.
  • Anyone can be family if they choose to be

If you had to choose three words to describe yourself, what would they be?

  • Boring
  • Fat
  • Dynamic: sexuality, geography, politics, morality, beliefs, agnosticism

When do you feel healthiest?

  • When I’ve got things to do and my mind can be engaged
  • Eating healthy food and packing my own lunches
  • When I’m away from it all and not stressing about work / my team

How often do you compare yourself to others?

  • Several times a day
  • Several times an hour a day

When do you feel most creative?

  • Inspired by others (youtube, museum, comic books, scrapbooking)
  • When I hear of people taking a leap of faith (in themselves)

Whom do you have to please?

  • Self
  • Mom
  • Dad
  • Brother
  • Bosses
  • Team (approx. 120 people)
  • Peers (5)

What drains you?

  • Answering the same questions over and over and over and over
  • Working 12+ hours a day, having to stay “live” with my smile
  • Asking people to do the same thing day in and day out (ya’ll know the expectations!)
  • Talking with everyone all the damn time
  • Money issues / bills / student loans
  • An unexciting workplace
  • Having no real friends
  • Oversleeping as well as undersleeping (messing up my schedule)

Would you rather lead or follow?

The immediate answer is to lead, as I’ve been doing it nearly all my life (I’ve got a strong personality, and I like certain things “just so”). Following is looking better and better as I wouldn’t have to deal with everyone’s bullshit all the time.

What is your best trait?

  • Physically: my hair is prettiest, my legs are strong
  • Intellectually: my open-mindedness

What is your worst trait?

  • Physically: just… fat, yo.
  • Intellectually: not being able to communicate in a healthy manner at all times

Do you crave routine or novelty?


What makes you happy?

  • Holidays with the whole family
  • Comics / novels / having a good story
  • Learning and digging deep
  • Not going to work
  • Traveling
  • Good food (ice cream)
  • Great friends
  • Independence
  • Dogs
  • Bookstores / comic book stores / game shops
  • Cafes
  • Games
  • Pokemon / PokemonGo
  • Working for someone I respect
  • Feeling of being respected by others
  • Helping others do something or learn something
  • Fixing things

What makes you unhappy?

  • Not hitting the mark at work / failing daily
  • Moving
  • News today (deaths, president, etc.)
  • Being lonely
  • Missing the gym
  • Eating out all the time / not cooking or meal prepping regularly
  • No creative thinking or learning
  • Getting no support / having no mentor
  • Bills / debts
  • Having no control (dependence or not able to control aspects of my life / work)

In summation: I’m an introverted person who thrives on close relationships and is always looking for a good story. I live life experience by experience and I just want to be comfortable and worry-free. I have some hang ups when it comes to self image, but overall I enjoy being who I am. I’m a learner who needs challenges, an outlet, and the support of loved ones. I’m slow to try new thing if I think I’ll fail or others will witness my failure.


What do the roadblocks, detours, and open roads look like in your life. Make some notes about where things lie for you in this moment.

– My current isn’t for me or my style
– Student loans / bills / single income

– Afraid / anxious to look for a job outside my current employ. I’m comfortable here and know how it runs for the most part. Can I handle rejection? Where do I start?
– What do I even want to do?

Open Roads
– Traveling
– Food/coffee
– Reading / comics


Now look into your own, actual calendar and pick a typical day from the past couple of weeks. Describe that actual day.

  • Wake up to alarm, body aching, shuffle to the bathroom because feet hurt so much
  • 30 minute prep, leave at 5.15pm
  • Preshift sync at 6.30pm, may/may not be prepared
  • Standup with team at 7pm sharp, usually very disorganized while everyone gets to their positions, I’m fielding dozens of questions
  • Bullshit for the next 10 hours (questions, administrative work, questions, moving folks, questions, HR detours, questions, being yelled at by seniors, questions, making numbers, questions, reporting numbers, questions, dozens of tabs, questions, emails, questions, IMs, questions, dealing with unsavory attitudes, questions, medical “emergencies,” questions, just wanna take a smoke break, questions).
  • Lunch can be any time between midnight and 3am, depending on how in-demand I am
  • Leave work usually 6.30 or 7.30am
  • Home (hopefully) by 8.30am
  • Shower 15 minutes
  • Bed

2 thoughts on “HTGSD Chapter One”

  1. That single income shit is a bitch. I feel you and I empathize.

    Sounds like you’ve got a pretty solid place to start, and a really good understanding of who you are. I’m interested to see if you have to fill out a similar set of questions at the end of the book, and if any of your answers change.

    Good luck!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I wonder if they will! I’ve decided against skipping/skimming ahead or reading more than one question at a time (I literally cover them up) so I can stay as genuine as possible.

      It would be interesting to see if they’ve changed. It’s such a short amount of time, I just don’t know. 🙂

      Thank you for your continued support.

      Liked by 1 person

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