Slice of Life

July 2019 Reads

Why Not Me? – Mindy Kaling

In a series of comedic essays, Mindy Kaling offers the world more of her experience as successful writer, a curvaceous woman, and a role model. There is a lot of grit and happiness at play within each essay topic, and I smiled the whole time, laughing quite a few times. Hearing Kaling tell her own story via audible was not only a delight, but I would go so far as to say it’s the medium by which her message was intended to take. Read it all and good, but Kaling is a performer as well. I highly recommend the audible format. 4/5 Autobiography.

So Close to Being the Sh*t, Y’all Don’t Even Know – Rhetta

Another series of comedy-driven essays, Rhetta details her experiences leading up to stardom and lets us all revel with her in the achievement. Rhetta was a wholly new phenomenon to me, and after completing this audiobook, I’ve fallen in love with another incredibly strong female role model. I used the term “phenomenon,” because that’s what Rhetta is: an event. I’ve since followed her on twitter, and she’s mfing delightful. Too many times I had to wipe the tears from my eyes – her delivery is genius. I’m going to save us all and recommend the audible format for this one. Rhetta is 300% a performer, and a silent read just won’t do it justice. I don’t think she’s close to being the shit, I’m fully convinced that she is, in fact, the Shit (capital S). 4/5 Autobiography.

One More Thing – BJ Novak

Continuing my saga of comedy essays, I’ve introduced Novak’s short stories as well. These were great for daily commutes, as some of them are short enough to get a whole story in 35 minutes. My findings were conclusive within these stories: Novak is my sense of humor. He’s altogether ironic, convincing, and dry. Dry as hell. However, he doesn’t skimp on details or character developments, even in the shorter stories. A whole situation unfurls in minutes, and you’re beside the character wondering, “How’s this thing about to M-Night-Shyamalan your ass, friend?” I enjoyed the twists, that’s for sure. It awkwardly left me looking for those twists in other stories: “Stranger Things 2”, random “NCIS” episodes, my currently-listening audible, and even in my own lived situations. I’m currently re-watching “The Office,” and it’s fun trying to pick apart scenes that may’ve been written by Novak (and Kaling for that matter) based on the insights of this collection. 5/5 Fiction/short story.

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