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Storybots, a Netflix Original Pain in the Ass

I’ve mentioned before that my nephew is obsessed with the Storybots. I’ve also admitted that I, too, enjoy the show and have actually learned some interesting things.

I also found out a few weeks back that I’ve got a niece on the way! So as excited as we all are, Mason’s world is about to get ROCKED. His mother is the apple of his eye, and he doesn’t know how to share yet. In preparation for this drastic family change, I took to the interwebs to find him some Storybot swag to help him get through his adjustment period (if he’s anything like me, this adjustment period will last 19 years, and we’ll have to continue to distract him throughout).

What I found out was that Storybots doesn’t exist outside its original format. I liken it to “Calvin and Hobbes,” potentially the single greatest comic strip in the history of the Sunday funnies. Bill Waterson was very adamant about his copyrights and character ownership. He loved the comic format to such an extent that his two greatest creations do not officially exist outside their four panels. Waterson sought to maintain the dignity of comics and the veracity of his creations by not giving in to commercialism, like, say Schulz’s “Peanuts.”

I’m not saying either is better, but these contemporary creators went about their creations in different ways. It’s also untrue to say that there’s absolutely no Calvin and Hobbes swag apart from the comics themselves. It’s 2019, so I think it’s safe to say we’ve all seen the Calvin-peeing-on-various-sports-logos bumper stickers/window clings. As it’s still 2019, I think it’s also safe to say we’re all kinda glad to see the Calvin-peeing-on-various-sports-logos bumper stickers/window clings have gone out of style.

Regardless, they’re not officially licensed images. There’s a demand for it in the market and people are creative beings. It was only a matter of time in my opinion. Which brings me back around to Storybots.

I found a backpack with Beep (the green one) off (totally unofficial), and there are some official books I scored as well. However, Little Dude (the nephew) needs more than that. He needs tactile things to play with and engage him. I’m in the midst of creating a coloring book for him (probably illegal for mass marketing?), magnets for the fridge, and felt puppets.

I wanted to share an image or two, but if anyone has other suggestions of what a 3 year old likes to play with, please share!

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