Slice of Life

2020 List of Firsts

There’s a first time for everything. Why not document all the first experiences 2020 will bring? Who knows what’s in store! I’ll update this as the weeks roll by.

– Stood up on a date

Visit to Las Vegas, NV
Eyes dilated at the optometrist
– Experiencing a time share presentation (wtf?)
– Cirque de Soleil performance
– Riding in a limo

– Riding a train
– Ami’s first field trip, to Mom’s house
Cat window bed (what am I becoming?)
– State declared epidemic
– Announce to a group of people that their contract will expire mid-month and that they may or may not have a job long-term
– First meeting at dude’s house (not planning to ever do this again and can’t rationalize why I did this to begin with – it’s obviously something I don’t do)
– Death of an associate and dealing with a new type of grief (Juniece)
– Filed my first injury report at work
– Cleaned first ever hair ball (yuck!)
– Pandemic orders
– Ran out of arrows mid-dungeon in Skyrim (who does that??)
– SPRINT had the wrong time on the clock (network wide, 4 of us showed up to work an hour early. It was so dumb.)

– Seeing bare shelves at the grocery store for essential items (1st world problem)
– Screening associates’ temperatures before allowing them to work
– Wiped a cat butt (disgusting, poor Ami)
– Seriously considered purchasing a $5k designer purse
– Changed fire detector battery
– Bought a vacuum, vacuumed whole couch and all pillows
– Bought a clothes steamer, steamed my whole closet
– Trimmed a cat butt (hilarious, poor Ami)
– Costco membership and first shopping trip
– Wear a face mask

– Found and disposed of a dead bird inside work
– Saw and entered my brother’s new house
– Completed and filed a US Census form
– Slept in the middle of my bed
– Brushing cat (she hates it)
Reading the D&D player handbooks

– First trip to Kansas City, MO
– Drove a Jeep
– WWI museum visit
– First fr irl meet up with folks to play D&D with

Planning a serious trip outside the US
Self-teaching a forein language (French)

– Best friends are engaged, and I got a “we’re engaged” call (this actually happened TWICE within a few days I’m so lucky!
– Yelled at my uncle Travis in genuine anger
Entertained a week long conversation with an ex

– Saw a for-real, chopped-down Christmas tree on the roof of someone’s vehicle, presumably to take it home and decorate it
– Upping the D&D game and reading Pathfinder handbook
– Designed and followed an original knit design of my own (still WIP)
– Called the non-emergency 911 number to report harassment
– Threatened to call the cops on someone if I ever saw them again
– Building pillow forts with my cat (she’s super into it)
– Matching pajamas on Christmas morning with the family
Hometown bombing
– Finding out about a coworker’s criminal past (it’s public record, so I don’t feel that bad?)
Getting called out by the wife and son from some guy who hit on me (wtf!?)

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