Slice of Life

List of Quirks

A general list of personal quirks as they make themselves known to me or: “Why I’m Single” or: “Why I Don’t Do Roommates” or: “I Might be a Control Freak.”

  • Eggs are to be kept on the topmost, left most shelf in the fridge
  • Books are organized by general subject and then my personal feelings about each title
  • No shoes on the bathmat, that’s for clean bare feet, shoes are gross
  • Coffee creamer goes on the outermost spot in the fridge door
  • Comics are always separated by publisher and subcategorized by writer, but no one cares about date
  • Clothing is arranged by color, the most dominant used being closest to the entry way (black)
  • Clothing is also arranged by genre (no sleeves, dressy, casual, top layers)
  • Shoes are kept in-box and stacked by genre (boots, casual, heels, etc.)
  • Purses are in same order of clothes, the most used color closest to the entry way (black)
  • Piles are never allowed and drive me nuts (unless it’s a WIP)
  • Things do not belong on the floor
  • Dishes don’t “soak” and using a glass for a drink of water doesn’t make it dirty (I’d definitely catch Carona if I didn’t live alone)

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