Slice of Life

Positivity from the Pessimist? During Quarantine?

This week I am thankful for quite a few things, and I think they’re worth mentioning publicly.

First, I am thankful for my mother and father who let me sit at their dining room table and work while mom works in her home office. Living alone is awesome, don’t get me wrong. And I have a job that requires my “essential” presence, so I do get out of the apartment occasionally. However, there’s no comfort in it. There’s comfort in being around my mom, in my childhood home, simply being. She’s also the very best mom ever because I have the unshakable habit of taking my shoes off in the house (any house, it seems) and the hardwood floors always leave me with cold feet. She’s stashed a pair of winter socks in her end table just for me, and they’ve been there for weeks. My parents also don’t drink coffee. I mentioned how I should’ve brought my thermos with me, teasing her. Without my knowing, my mom texted my dad. On his lunch break today, he brought me a cup of coffee from his office per her request. It was weak and luke warm, but it was the best coffee I’ve ever tasted. It’s the small things that have the biggest impact.

Second, I am thankful for my love and preference of vegetable pasta. Barilla veggie pasta was the only thing left on the pasta shelves, and dammit I was glad for it. Because of this particular preference, I was able to make and have spaghetti for 5 meals this week. And may the pasta gods smiled down on me, Amen.

Third, I am overwhelmingly thankful for Amelia. I didn’t realize how much I could love a thing (particularly a cat) until I met her. She keeps me sane on all aspects of things and it’s just nice to have someone interested in you, y’know, the 20% of her cat days she’s interested in me. She listens to me, though she only responds to words or pitches of voice she recognizes, and she’s hilarious. Always climbing on things just to fall off ungracefully, constantly being flung across the floor because she’s underfoot (it’s a love-hate thing), and staring at my while I poop. I still don’t understand the need for unyielding eye contact while I bm, but whatever. It’s not uncommon for pet owners to have a bathroom buddy, as I understand, so at least it’s normal in the animal kingdom?

Fourth, I am thankful that my sister-in-law continues to share photos of my niece and nephew. We don’t get to see them at all, it’s safest for us all if they stay home, but Myra is just 3 months old, and we’re missing a lot of things with her. It’s hard being away. I missed a lot of Mason’s early years, so I moved back to Nashville so I wouldn’t miss any more. Yet here I am, missing things. It’s just hard knowing I have no power over the situation, and knowing the best thing for them is to stay away.

Last, I’m thankful for the small amount of pay increase that’s coming with my promotion. It’s not a life-changing, next tax bracket type of increase to be sure, but more is more. I’m going to try and negotiate a bit next week, so we’ll see what happens. In celebration of the promotion, I decided to treat myself to a few new outfits, a couple pair of shoes, and two new Kate Spade bags. I’m the most excited for the bags, to be sure, and everything was on sale, so I was able to really treat myself to a few things. It’s nice to have the means to indulge and celebrate one’s self, especially considering that things suck so bad right now.

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