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Dungeons, and Dragons, and Corona, Oh My!

Quarantine does some funny stuff, but it’s also done some amazing stuff. I first wrote the following statement on 4/7/20 (with the intention of fleshing it out to a full post), and am revisiting it on 5/19/20.

“I sometimes wish my relationship with my brother was more meaningful to him. A more graceful statement would be I wish my brother could show me love the way in which I need to be shown love. Which amounts to just hanging out with me.”

The past two weeks, I’ve seen and talked to my brother more than I have the past two years. Granted, I was living in Detroit, but even phone calls. We chat about stuff, we text, and just hang out whenever we can. This! This is what I’ve been waiting on for the past six years!

For all the stupid, scary things that Corona Season has brought us, I can truly be thankful it’s brought us significantly closer.

That and D&D. Make no mistake about it, I’m a huge freaking dork. It’s a badge of honor at this point, honestly. I’ve been wanting to play Dungeons and Dragons for nearly a decade, but it’s never been the right time or I haven’t had the right friends to play. Nowadays, the setting is just right: I make my own money and get by, I can confidently spend my time on the things I choose to focus on, work is fairly flexible, and if my brother’s going to be involved, all the better.

I was surprised when he first brought it up, all nonchalant like, “I was looking into this, uh, you every heard of this ‘Dungeons and Dragons’ thing?” I immediately took off. Together, we both just got so psyched up about it, talking about running games and making characters, how we needed to find a few more people to play along, how we ought to create these crazy campaigns.

The first day the book stores opened back up to the public, we swooped in and grabbed some reference materials. Yes, It’s been about a week and I have completely read the Player’s Handbook, there’s no shame here. Since then, we’ve been brainstorming ideas for characters, talking about how we could learn a great deal from online play, and how we should rotate DMs that way everyone who wants to would get a chance to see their story through.

He’s even turned me on to D&D podcasts. Currently, we’re listening to “Dungeons and Daddies, A Sometimes BDSM Podcast,” and it’s an absolute riot. As we crack up and quote the crew, I’m pondering listening to a more serious live play podcast. I think it could be valuable to learn from as well as entertaining. If anyone has any recommendations, I’m wide open!

It’s been a dramatically long time since I’ve been this fired up about any one thing. Looking forward, I’m sure I’m going to sprinkle in some D&D on the blog.

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