Slice of Life

June Stalling

I’ve definitely been neglecting the things that make me feel happy and healthy. I haven’t finished the blog post I started weeks ago and being way behind stresses me out. I postpone the “fun” things I’ve been planning my associates at work because I’m just not in the mood. I have zero motivation to begin again at the gym, even though I know for a fact I enjoy going. I’m in a funk, I know a few of the solutions, yet here I am… stalling.

I need variation in my life. I get bored too easily and life is flat out monotonous. Maybe I’m puling the trigger too early on that assessment as we’re still technically in the midst of lockdown/quarantine (even though all of Nashville has decided it’s over the lock down). I just need variation. And I realize I have to make those changes, but dammit, now I have all this motivation to go out and meet folks and “put on,” I can’t go out.

It seems like I’m just wasting so much time constantly. And I watch too much TV.

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