Slice of Life

2021 Resolutions

The only New Year’s resolutions that have any merit are as follows:

  1. Recommit to learning French and genuinely stick to a learning schedule (no matter how loose)
  2. Plan out the Euro-trip, in full, in detail, by December 31, 2021 (here’s to hoping we can travel by 2022)
  3. Pay off all credit card debts and keep them paid off, saving everything for the Euro-trip
  4. Drink as much coffee as I care to drink, at any time I care to drink it, and figure out just how long one’s diet can consist of coffee and gummy vitamins
  5. Blog – but like, for real and consistently
  6. Bench press 200lbs by December 31, 2021; be able to hike several miles comfortably
  7. Double down on last year’s resolutions: sin more

1 and 2 I am wholly dedicated to touring around western Europe sometime in 2022. The timeline is a bit fickle, but I think by 2022 I’ll be ready, planned, and bankrolled. With that comes learning a passable, this-poor-américaine-but-at-least-she’s-trying amount of French as I’ll be passing through Provence and smaller towns.

Funny enough, planning this trip (not to mention my recent obsession with the Outlander series – to be reviewed at a later time) has also inspired me to learn a passable amount of Scottish Gaelic. Big shrug on learning dying languages, but that’s also part of the pull, isn’t it? Leave it to me to be interested in some marginal shit, eh?

3, 4, and 6 are about as self explanatory as it gets, but here’s some flavor text:

6 is a renewal of 2020’s resolution. As the world burned and the gyms closed down, I stopped the workout routine. I am still too cautious to return the the gym even though many have reopened and are once again drawing monthly fees from me (note to self: turn that off). I’ll just have to make do with what I can do at home with free weights. I’m telling you i have free weights because you need to know there is literally no excuse for me to not stick to some sort of routine and get as close to this goal while we wait for the vaccine.

Additionally, there’s gonna be quite a lot of hiking going on during my trip. So I’ve got to get back to where I can walk 9 miles and not think about it at all. I foresee an overly expensive treadmill in my future (not stoked).

5 is something I’m simply going to have to force out of myself. I’m going to have to remind myself how good it feels to get all this stupid stuff out of my head. Cyclical thoughts and stretches of blank were major burdens in 2020 – I stopped writing. Even my pen-and-paper diary, I completely stopped. It was an unhealthy hiatus; I’m not proud of it. But here’s to being the kind of person one wants to be, right? The whole point of a new year’s resolution traditions – go and do and be better.

Except 7, and I’m deadass serious about it – sin more. It’s not that I’m evolving into some sociopath and throwing all morals out of the Chevy window while speeding 90 down the interstate. I don’t even own a chevy, and if my car went anywhere near 90, it’d rattle us both into our grave. But I think a healthy dose of “IDGAF” and allowing myself to make mistakes (or indulging in poor choices without hammering guilt into myself) can be a healthy attitude and lead to a happier me. I had every intention of slutting it up and publicly drinking 2020 away, but circumstances change. 2020 focused instead on sloth and gluttony. I think this year we’ll focus on pride and greed (how else am I supposed to slim down and save every penny?). This is my… sixteenth year of stewing in acedia (oh, yeah, gonna hit all the sins), and I see no real way out of that one. Thought maybe it’s time to be a more well-rounded sinner and focus on some others.

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