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Jesus is Just Alright by Me, but Have You Heard the News of His Brother?

You know those days when Jesus takes the wheel?

This was not one of those days.

Today was a diesel-fueled nightmare of an emotional roller coaster down the toilet whose destination was the desecration of my pride and Satan was riding shotgun.

As a dogmatic rule, the Christian believes in duality. For however omniscient the All-Father is, the devil is just as powerful. He’s an equal and opposite force. And let me tell you, Satan knows what’s up.

Something in me, and I confess to you now, I believe it was His Infernal Majesty, that broke through my weeks-long depression funk and got me to clean up around the house before work today. I straightened a bit and gathered all the trash in the apartment. Feeling better with small victories.

A few hours into the shift, there was a mini-emergency, for which I offered my place as a refuge.

And DAMMIT if I hadn’t just put away all my adult-rated toys just hours before!

See, the devil had his arm around my shoulder today, and for that, I’m hella thankful.

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