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Blog Update and Setting a Routine

A blog is a living thing for the most part. I mean, it grows as you grow, it shares emotions and experiences as you share, and it changes as you change.

I realized in the past two weeks how much blogging really does help me. It affords me a space to not only get ideas/emotions out of my head (like normal journaling would), but it also allows me to connect experiences with other people, or hear from them first and connect in that way. It’s also given me a sort of routine at home as well as something to look forward to. It keeps me engaged through out the day, thinking of how I would describe a situation if I were to write about it for an audience and in the meantime, I am more observant.

I’m currently chasing the rabbit down the blogosphere hole and seeing how other people write or how they use their blogs. Seeing others’ blogs is inspiring me to try a few things. Namely, I want to post specific things on specific days and see if that helps me further make a routine (my life has severely lacked pattern in 2020 and I’ve been severely suffering due to it).

For example, I want to use AJ’s method of bullet point journalism as seen on her blog A Petite Slice of Life. She quickly records her day to day in bite-sized pieces, sectioned by subject. Just in a few short weeks, I feel like I’ve known her for a while. That realization was really powerful to me, surprised at how it just crept up.

For me, I want to do this in a sort of weekly wrap-up, I’ll be titling them “Sunday Sundries” and will feature several topics that are important for me to track (again, I need routine otherwise I basically fall apart and nothing gets done):

  • Knitting
  • Exercise
  • Work
  • Mental Health
  • Dating
  • Reading
  • Studying French
  • Planning Trip to Europe
  • Shopping

Fun fact: When you Southern-up the title, its super cute. “Sunday” is pronounced Sun-dee.

Another thing I’d like to start doing is Book Spotlights posted on the last Wednesday. Granted, this is not going to be every Wednesday – I frankly can’t even guarantee one’ll be done every month as I read so dern slow. But for me, knowing there’s a post to look forward to on the last Wednesday feels like I’m in a real book club and that’s comforting. So I think I’ll do that.

I’ve also decided I’m gonna blog as often and as much as makes me happy. I fretted about too many posts in a day, not enough posts in a week, what would my readers think!? Then I thought… why am I adding all this unnecessary stress on a fun thing I’m doing for myself? That’s nuts!

So I’ve completely banned those negative thoughts and have committed to stop reading for-profit blogs that mostly talk about monetizing, growing a readership, and writing for your audience. Honestly, I love seeing “so and so now follows your blog!” as often as it happens. It makes me incredibly happy! But I have no intention of monetizing or writing for a specific audience; that’s not me  and it’s not what I’m gaining from blogging. So I have to let those unreal anxieties go and commit to upholding the blog I set out to maintain.

It also helps that I discovered how the “reader” functions – pretty much the operator controls their feed. So it’s not like followers can’t quickly scroll through and away from my posts if I’m starting to get annoying. Violà! Problem nulled.

Blog pics are important to me as a reader, including blog post banners. So I’m working on standardizing some of those things as well and I’ll retroactively work on uniformity.

I’m super excited to try out these things and get a solid routine under my feet. 2020 was abysmal because I had no direction. 2021 will teach me to self-direct.

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