Slice of Life, Sunday Sundries

Sunday Sundries – 1/31/21

Thom demands that I knit him a hat, but then laughs at me when I ask him to measure his head. I love the boy, but I send him a poorly sized hat for his big ass head, I’ll never hear the end of it. He wants quality, but isn’t being very helpful overall. He’s a good laugh, though.

Haven’t touched my scarf at all this week. Feeling down about that.

I cried on site this Tuesday. Definitely a low point and feeling overwhelmed. The line that got me was “I just wish there was more understanding.” And that did it. Work is really tough right now.

Mental Health
Super proud of myself this week, I did two loads of laundry in the first half, and cleaned the kitchen in the second half.

Got a fortune cookie that read, “There’s a good chance of a romantic encounter soon” and that’s honestly the most action I’ve gotten in 6 months.

Making some amazing headway through Ready Player Two and even started Dog Flowers. This is the first time I’m reading in order to write a blog review, so that’s definitely changing how I interact with Ready Player Two. I’m much more engaged and am actually taking notes. I hope this allows me to be a little more subjective – if not, at least provide better reviews.

I’ve also purchased a few D&D flavored items. I’ve been eyeing Tasha’s Cauldron of Everything and Xanathar’s Guide to Everything for quite a while now. Amazon just happened to have a great deal on them, so I ordered overnight shipping – should get them before this post even hits (crazy world!). I’m seriously doubling down on DM’ing and creating my homebrew world (I also bought graph paper, I’m not playing around anymore). I haven’t had a creative outlet that’s given me this much happiness in such along time, and it feels GREAT! I’ll be chasing that high, guys.

Studying French
Failed. I honestly need to label the rest of my house, as those tiny sticky notes have done wonders for bathroom vocabulary. I genuinely remember those words and can spell them, accents and all! This coming week’s project for sure: kitchen, dinning room, living room. I finally got my French-English dictionary in the mail, so no excuses!

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