Slice of Life or Bust!

Like so many people in the world, I love books and bookstores and the smell of old pages and beautiful libraries and on and on and on…

But books should never break the bank (although I am 100% guilty of allowing this to happen on multiple occasions). Through nothing short of a planetary alignment from fate and chaos magic, I stumble upon the wonderful website of and have never looked back.

I do not purchase books new. Period.* If I must buy a physical copy for whatever reason, I try to find the cheapest, and that’s not always Amazon. I find ThriftBooks has more selection and a wider variety of condition that allows me to buy the better book.

What makes me say this? It’s genuinely not because I’m endorsed by the company in anyway, I just love ThriftBooks. Oh, and my experience using both sites to order books for the past ten years (shrug).

I’ve gotten all of my French language readers from ThriftBooks – couldn’t find that stuff on Amazon! The one book I got on amazon was Matilda. The rest were either very expensive or I’d grown impatient after the fifth or sixth page of browsing non-related books. Is there a way to search and have it ship to me in the states? This may be a real thing…

Amazon has this too, but it’s more fun on ThriftBooks, so I’m marking it in the pro-column. They have clear rules for what denotes “good,” “acceptable,” etc. condition. Sometime it’s a few cents’ difference, but sometimes it can be a large gap!

After the whole college thing, it was fun to discover another person’s highlights and margin notes. Seeing what was important to them or getting a new take on a passage was like a secret between myself and the book’s previous owner. I relished that feeling and by senior year was selecting the most tattered and marked books I could find.

Thriftbooks also has a point system. Every $1 spent is 8 loyalty points towards a free book! Granted, you get a free book that’s under $5, but that’s, like 90% of thriftbooks’ stock, yo! I paid $1.08 for my French-English dictionary (shipping cost only) and it’s brilliant. I just racked up another freebie due to my purchases this week and look forward to cashing in! I mean, I know I’m trying to downsize, but who in their right mind says no to free books they actually want and will read!?

Points are also given out on your birthday. I’m looking forward to getting those 20 free points, too! 500 points is a freebee so that’s $62.50 spent. It can seem steep, but it’s not like your points expire. And if we’re really airing out dirty laundry, I can drop $62 on some books in the blink of an eye and not even feel guilty.

All I’m saying is I’m trying to share to love of with everyone, just like I do in the real world. I always get so excited when I find something on ThriftBook, and I’m much more impatient to see those bright green mailers in the box than I do a brown smiley box. Is it just me?

With the exception of my Outlander, Game of Thrones, and Avatar the Last Airbender series. As my collection grows, they’re new, non-negotiable. These series are my favorites, so I keep them “show quality.” Wow. I just sounded like the biggest asshole nerd just now.

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