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Furniture is Expensive and It’s the Worst Thing About Adulthood

I need a new desk. Scratch that – I’ve been needing a new desk for a year.

I’m currently using my dining room table as my home office and a much-too-small-for-me particle board “desk” that’s too shallow to fit a laptop as my hobbies area. The dining table is a high bar, so it cuts the circulation off my legs and has little long-term support for the back.

The teenie tiny desk is also so god fearingly low to the ground that the chair must be as close to the ground as possible. Nowhere on the webpage was this described as a child’s desk, but here I am, hunched over everything I do. So uncomfortable!

Not to mention the times I spend reading at the tiny desk or drawing. On a flat surface, it’s not the best, but having it four to five inches lower than it ought to be is a nightmare. I had a bruise on my arm where I was leaning for so long while painting Eldath the other day (WIP, I’ll post shortly).

The chair I bought has absolutely zero support and zero cushion and causes back pain after the first hour. And since it’s mashed to the lowest possible setting, there’s not even the springy catch between my ass and the floor. It’s just a wood piece balanced on a metal rod. It’s terrible.

No matter where I work or what I do, it’s uncomfortable and I have to take consistent breaks so that I don’t get too stiff. It’s incredibly annoying (and did I mention uncomfortable!?) It’s my fault as I didn’t realize we’d be moving to long-term working from home and I didn’t look at the desk measurements more carefully. And today I’d finally had enough. This time, though, I had my tape measure out and was comparing what I already have. I’m ready this time, boi (fist pumping the air).

I spent more money on than I’ve ever spent in a single go, and it was scary. High-dollar purchases make me anxious regardless, even something that I need and would promote a better quality of life (who am I that needs a better life quality!? Pshh.) I literally had my girlfriends pumping me up to buy a real, adult vacuum cleaner because anxiety (shrug).

I don’t have “buyer’s remorse” over the new desk and chair, but I know in my heart those items are not at all worth what I paid – especially seeing as how I’m going to be assembling it myself. I mean, come on: $189 charge for a “professional” to put together a desk? Absolutely wild. That’s more than most mechanics I’ve seen make in an hour – absolutely not worth it.

Why tip someone for a job I’m capable of doing myself? I can deliver food, I can drive a taxi, I can and do cut my own hair. I did, however, tip my urologist.”

And to think, the very same items on were even more expensive! There’s absolutely no way I could rationalize spending $500 on a bit of metal and wood that holds stuff up. Knowing good and well my entire high school career was sitting at a plastic fold up table with a sarong draped over it with a matching plastic fold up chair. Fucking wild the “cost” of some of these things.

Even so, I bought the desk today, as I knew I would, because my paycheck hit the bank. Watching nearly half of it fly right back out on a non-rent payment was heartbreaking. I’m so glad I was lying in bed as I was a little light-headed after doing the math. But the desk is beautiful, has everything I want and need – even a drafting surface! It’s goddamn gorgeous if you ask me, and hopefully it’ll be worth the price tag in time.


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