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FFS – Hottopic Haul 2/23/21

Do I fault myself for doting on myself? Yeah, I used to. And that’s how I wore the same underwear for upwards of four years. As a self-sustained adult. Yeah, let that sink in for a second. I literally had something of a breakdown when I first started buying myself items I simply liked that weren’t consumable or necessary or useful. It took two good friends to shake me and force me to understand that I deserve things simply for the sake of smiling. And I’m here to tell others: YOU DESERVE THINGS THAT MAKE YOU SMILE!

Whatever makes you happy, man. Just live within your means, have a plan for your monies, but otherwise go for it. The age old adage “can’t take it with you,” y’know?

I have a problem with capitalism, and I realize that I feed into the same system I abhor. I also want to live minimally while splurging on things I love. And I decided a while ago ME. I’m gonna love me. Let’s say it for the folks in the back: IT’S COOL TO LOVE YOURSELF (and if that love expresses itself in material goods, then go on and get them material goods)!

The same friends that pulled me back from the edge gave me a piece of elderly advice: It’s what your 30s are about. You, the shit you like, emotional wackiness, and spending money on yourself and doing shit you like because you can. So I’m embracing that philosophy as they know better than I, right?

Disney Pixar Up Carl Ellie Mailbox Necklace
Rabbit Antlers Patch By Guild Of Calamity
Misunderstood But Still Lookin’ Good Patch By Crocodile Jackson
North American Jackalope Preservation Society Patch
Black Butterfly Hi-Low Maxi Skirt Plus Size
Avatar: The Last Airbender Chibi Appa Patch
Loungefly Death Moth Velvet Patch
Star Planet Mismatch Drop Earring Set
Sphynx Cat Patch
Rainbow Peace Sign Patch
IIII Clothing I’m Not Okay Patch

2 thoughts on “FFS – Hottopic Haul 2/23/21”

    1. I was thinking about doing this as well. Promotes body positivity and self-love and all. It’ll be an interesting challenge for myself to not be super self-conscious. I’m mostly just waiting on these things to come in the mail so I CAN try them on. haha

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