Slice of Life, Sunday Sundries

Sunday Sundries – 2/28/21

Planning Trip to Europe
So. Big changes in the savings and five-year-plan department. A trip to Europe is still a goal, but it’s being deferred for a while. I’ve decided instead to invest in the LSAT and apply to some law schools in the upcoming year. It’s going to be tough – extremely tough, considering I’m going to move out of state, establish residency, find a place to live, find a job, take the LSAT, apply and (hopefully!) enroll in school. I’m certain the next 5 years is going to be incredibly difficult, but I am resolved. This is my path. In fact, it was my original path, it just took me a few years to realize my instincts were right. I’ve a. got to trust myself more and b. hit the books.

Family News
Amanda’s bridal shower was a hoot. First time I’ve ever been to a bridal shower, but it was a good and happy experience. It’s nice to see someone so happy and in love with my brother. They’re adorable together, it’s almost sickening – but somehow, it’s not. If they weren’t family, it’d be sickening.

Was also told on the way to Amanda’s shower that I was in Bria’s bridal party!? It was hilarious. She was so casual. My mom was confirming the wedding party people, and Bria started listing the bridal party, “Bethany is my maid of honor, of course. And Mallory, and…”
“What?” I said, flat.
“Yeah, uh, you’re in the wedding.”
“Um… so this is literally news to me, right now.”
Bria had lost track of what all she’s told who, and she thought she’d told me! I was so surprised and blown away. I’m so excited, you guys, to be in my youngest brother’s wedding!!

It was a huge laugh as my mom described how I was confusing her the other day asking a bunch of questions about their wedding, things I suppose a bride’s maid should know, but I didn’t know. Haha Definitely a great road trip to a great bridal shower.

My brothers are both tying the knot this year, and it’s so much fun for us!

This Week in Pictures

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