Slice of Life

HTGSD Chapter Four

Falconer, Erin. How to Get Sh*t Done. New York, NY: Gallery Books, 2018. 99.

Track your online time with an app like RescueTime and analyze the results.

“RealizD” has been downloaded, as for whatever reason “RescueTime” hiccupped.

Name three ways that you’re able to use the internet to make your life run more efficiently.

  • Use online connections to help me be more effective at work: how are other sites running? Seek advice or maybe even a mentor?
  • All financial things: bank statements, paying bills, all my day-to-day trackings and spendings
  • Searching for resources, booking resources: doctor/dentist/apartment appointments, GPS and getting around wherever I need.

Name three times social media has made you feel worse rathe than better.

  • Yikyak was hella racist and sexist while in college. Other sites can promote this kind of terrible stuff.
  • Happy vacations on facebook, etc.; felt like I was competing with folks to “#LiveMyBestLife,” but also finding out when my friend group was hanging out without me. That sucked.
  • Terrible experiences on dating sites: OKCupid, Bumble, Tindr, Fetlife, Girrl. They’re all flippin terrible, and I’ve since gotten rid of all of them.

List three ways you could organize your online time to support you rather than control you.

  • Set time lines and stick to it: FB in the morning before work, reddit in the evening before bed that way I’m updated and not thinking about anything while at work or through out the day.
  • Limits on my weekend? The night hours make it difficult to help me commit to these limits, but I should figure this out. Balance it between writing, drawing, reading, and watching. Those are my things.
  • Set deadlines for my blog and schedule future blog posts to relieve the stresses of trying to post multiple times a week, especially if I’m traveling or during peak work weeks.
  • Set daily goals for my comic: doodles, line practicing, color practicing. I’ve got to get something going! fr fr.

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