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Phone Rules and Dating

In my phone, I have a few rules on how people get listed:

  1. Online guys I haven’t met don’t get saved and get no name. They stay a number, because they don’t matter as they’re not officially “real,” just an online presence. Perhaps this is harsh, but it’s real.
  2. Once I’ve met the online guy, his phone number will officially be saved and given a name with location. There are all too many “Michigan Kyle”s and “John Murfreesboro” in my phone. My typical pattern is I will only meet this person once more (if again at all) and we’ll maintain a conversation for maybe another week. They still don’t matter. Perhaps still harsh, but the pattern’s proven fairly reliable.
  3. When a genuine relationship is struck, and only once it’s been clearly defined with the number be saved with a real name. A rarity, believe me.
  4. The holy grail and pinnacle of my stupid phone hierarchy: the pet name + emojis. Oh, once you get an emoji in my phone, that’s it, you’re done, you’re in, no holds barred.

Alternatively, I have a list of numbers I keep with the sole purpose of ensuring they stay blocked no matter how many times I upgrade my phone.

  1. All the names begin with “ZZ” so that they will always be at the bottom and I won’t accidentally scroll over their name for any reason.
  2. Most have a short description as to why I don’t talk to these individuals any more.

I realize this is an antithesis to how I view my dating trials. For the most part, I’m grateful for all the lessons I’ve learned and for the people from which I’ve learned those lessons. But here I am, holding petty grudges?

I wonder if others have a similar system or if I’m just a petty creep who holds grudges?

2 thoughts on “Phone Rules and Dating”

  1. You’re nicer than I am – I don’t even give a guy that I meet online my phone number until after the first date. Too many creepers using it to stalk my fb or whatever. Then, he gets a name and a descriptor. (Ben Professor, Bryan the Giant).

    Maybe, MAYBE that gets changed to a last name if we are still talking 6 months later, lol


    1. You move a little bit slower than I do, and that’s okay. I give my phone number because dating apps are clunky and I fun to use, and I j ow I can block them on my phone. I’ve never had anyone fb stalk me? That sounds a bit intense. But mine is set to ultra private and I never update anything anyway. Haha even if they managed to get to my fb, they’ll see stuff from last year and that’s about it. Haha

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