Slice of Life, Sunday Sundries

Sunday Sundries – 2/14/21

Listening to a new audible, I was able to get some decent rows done. Also continuing to knit during my daily review calls as it’s keeping me less-focused on the stupid shit they’re saying and ultimately allows me to keep my job. I’m just a slow knitter. I’m also thinking about making a pair of fun socks, but I need to complete the working project first.

Fuck off.

They keep piling more and more on operations without offering solutions or support. At this point, I’ve talked two of my peers out of rage-quitting and that’s saying something. They’re still probably going to end up leaving, but top-down, they have no fucking idea what we have to deal with. They also don’t take into consideration our humanity. We. Are. All. Numbers.

Mental Health
Piss poor. I feel incredibly unproductive and uninspired, haven’t done much of anything this week. Even seeing friends and family hasn’t helped me get out of this week’s rut. I’ve gone out to the bookstore, eaten a favorite meal, cleaned a bit, worked a bit, written some. Nothing’s gotten me out.

I’ve taken to watching “Modern Family” in mini-marathons this week. It at least makes me smile, though it still feels hollow. All I know is the show allows me to forget my life for a while, and that’s all that’s keeping me steady.

Laugh. One guy did message me on OKCupid, but haven’t heard from him since. I believe people are bored nowadays and not so much looking to actually date (they were before the pandemic, but the whole stage is infinitely worse now).

Dear gods, this episode of Sun-Sun comes out on Valentine’s Day. I’ve got a super special post to commemorate the worst valentine’s day ever.

Finished Sigh, Gone by Phuc Tran (reviewing it soon) and have started listening to Anxious People by Fredrik Backman. I absolutely loved listening to his A Man Called Ove, so when I saw a fresh novel by Backman a few months ago, I immediately downloaded it. No regrets.

Took a left turn and started Of Dice and Men: The Story of Dungeons & Dragons and the People Who Play It by David M. Ewalt. It’s the nonfiction counterpart I’ve been needing to balance the D&D fantasy landslide I’m caught in. Still on topic, to be sure, but I can’t have 100% fantasy all the time. I burn out. I’ve paused Tantras for a little bit, but in truth the plot moves so slowly I’ve no doubt I can pick it right back up when I’m ready.

Studying French
Fuck off.

Planning Trip to Europe
Fuck off.

I got some Dungeons & Daddies merch. There’s no holiday coming up or anything. I had no real reason to order this stuff other than for the sake of the laughs (and boy did I laugh).

Also had to get some things for Amanda’s bridal shower that’s happening at the end of this month. I’ve never been to a bridal shower, so the whole thing is foreign to me. But she’s soon to be my sister-in-law, so I gotta figure it out and fly right (my mom is a big help in this area).

2 thoughts on “Sunday Sundries – 2/14/21”

  1. A man called Ove is a great book, and the movie was ok. Generally, I don’t like to do both, or movie or book, no much sense, the movie always has some changes. I should check out Anxious people!


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